Hero The First Indonesian Retail Chain with Online Catalogue

Selasa 10 November 2009 15:43 WIB
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JAKARTA - Retail chain PT Hero Supermarket Tbk (Hero, Giant, Guardian, Starmart) has recently launched an online shopping catalogue, a unique and innovative marketing concept, making Hero Group the first retail chain in Indonesia with an online marketing innovation.

According to Maria Suwarni, Marketing Director Hero, this online catalogue is aiming to reach more consumers throughout Indonesia.

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"Traditional catalogue can only be obtained when customers visit our stores. With this online features, customers can remotely access the catalogue anywhere to be able to see what offers are in store," said Maria to Okezone on Friday (6/11/2009).

With the above considerations, Maria believes that the online catalogue will effectively promote various offers in their stores.


However, the innovation of online catalogue does not intend to automatically replace traditional catalogue, add Maria while she emphasized the complimenting features of both. She explained that the online catalogue will appeal to those who are not exposed to traditional catalogue, such as people who worked in the office would become aware of offers from Hero Group stores to increase the probability of them visiting the stores after work.

Currently the catalogue presents offers from Hero Supermarket, Giant, Guardian, and Starmart. The catalogue can be accessed by clicking on this link. It can also be accessed by clicking the promotion banner tab on Okezone s welcome page, news page, and celebrity page. (dfa)

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